I am glad to see, that you have opened up this very section of my homepage, as it shows your interest in mediation and / or you are willing to solve and to put an end to some dispute.

In the event that you are interested to find out what mediation means, here comes the answer:

Mediation is a process, providing a solution to the contending parties, based on the “win – win” principle. It is a structured co-operation process on voluntary basis whereby the parties attempt to reach a mutually acceptable agreement on the settlement of their dispute with the assistance of a mediator; This means, that the purpose of mediation is not a compromise (i.e. a settlement in the course of litigation), rather – a consensus. A mediator is a professional, who fulfils a function of “a bridge” in between two conflicting parties. Mediation is a conflict solution method in a developed society, which is more and more often used also in Latvia. The mediation process in Latvia is regulated by the Mediation Law, however, the same mediation principles have been internationally approved, and are widely applied also in Latvia:


Voluntary Participation (the individual is involved in the process voluntarily);

Confidentiality (information that is obtained through mediation or is related thereto shall be confidential and remain in “the mediation room”);

Neutrality and Disinterest of a Mediator (a mediator shall have a neutral attitude towards the parties. The mediator shall allow the parties themselves to reach a mutually acceptable agreement. The mediator shall be personally disinterested in the outcome of mediation).

Mediation is applied for solution of various disputes. As concerns Latvia, it is most often used in solving family disputes, inheritance distribution matters, criminal proceedings, labour disputes, commercial disputes. In other countries, mediation is widely applied also in solution of taxation disputes.