Good day!

I am pleased to see, that you have visited my homepage. It has been elaborated so that to make it more convenient for you to apply for the assistance of an Attorney – at – Law, or that of a Mediator. 

I myself am an Attorney – at – Law with an experience of more than ten years. Before commencing practising in the current position, I have been gaining experience in the capacity of a lawyer in various spheres. In the course of 15 years I have been acting in the capacity of a certified insolvency process administrator. My previous experience has enabled me to elaborate my own outlook on various types of disputes, and a possibility to create a new court case law practice.

I have always been confident, that the best way to solve disputes, is an amicable settlement (compromise in between the parties), however, in the course of personal development, I have acquired a new qualification – a mediator ** (Intergrierte Mediation e.V). 

Mediation process appears to be a settlement of a dispute or controversy by setting up an independent person between two contending parties in order to aid them in the settlement of their disagreement.A mediator is a person, who conducts the process of mediation, providing a possibility to fully satisfy one’s own interests. More information on the mediation process may be available in chapter “Mediation”. 

I am an optimist by nature, being very much convinced, that each and every situation can be solved under the condition, that the customer is willing to look for a solution in collaboration with a qualified specialist.